Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 18, Rain Delay

Day 18, Owl’s Bend, MO – Summersville, MO 32 miles (1407 total)

Time on bike: 03:50:20

Avg: 8.9 mph

Daily Ascent: 3512 ft (110 ft/mile)

Max: 43 mph

Rain Delay. There was a bad storm that swept through Missouri last night. A lot of wind and lightening. Pat and I were camping. Fortunately we didn’t get too wet and our tents held up against the storm. It rained into the morning, though, so we didn’t get started until 8:30. Breakfast was at a little spot in Ellington. Breakfast buffet was $8.99. Too steep for us, however… the couple who had left before us left 5 pieces of bacon, a sausage patty and 2 silver dollar pancakes there on the table from their buffet. Pat and I decided to help ourselves!! Why not? Just as the waitress came to pick up the plates I said, “Hold on!” and grabbed the last piece of bacon!! You should have seen the look on her face. (Yes, I know this sounds gross, but you just had to be there.)

We cycled on through CRAZY hills (110 ft per mile!). We passed 4 cyclists, one of which was a woman named Sherry who was cycling alone. The guys, however seemed to be in a hurry, and we soon found out why. About 3 miles shy of Summersville we got hit with rain and wind. We made it to town, like a couple of drowned rats, and after a quick bite and mingling with the locals and figuring out that the rain might last all day, decided to bed down at Rose’s Green Roof Inn. A nice little hole in the wall motel, and I’m sure the only one in this town of 500.

So, it looks like we’ll get rested up and get a good jump on everything tomorrow…

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