Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 16, Rest at last

Day 16, Coffman, MO – Farmington, MO 14 miles (1250 total)

Time on bike: not very long

Avg: who knows

Daily Ascent: ???

Max: not very many mph

Today was a very short day. I was hoping to get these 14 miles in yesterday to make it one long day but I ran out of daylight. I spent the day in Farmington doing laundry and surfing the internet. It was good to be off the bike for the day. I met up with my friend Ashby who came down from St Louis. We had a stellar game of bowling followed by a riveting game of put-put golf. Really it was just good to catch up with a friend.

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arlogut said...

who won, you or ash-hole?