Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 14, Hello Illinois!

Day 14, Clay, KY – Goreville, IL 94 miles (1132 total)

Time on bike: 9:17:01

Avg: 10.3 mph

Daily Ascent: 6265 ft (67 ft/mile)

Max: 40 mph

Illinois! What gives!! I always thought of Illinois as being a flat, boring state! Apparently southern Illinois is covered in hills! I haven’t climbed this much since I was in the Appalachian mountains in Virginia! The hills weren’t long or terribly steep they were just plentiful.

Early on in my ride I came to the Ohio river where I had to cross by ferry. On the ferry I met a group that had their bicycles mounted to their cars and were heading for some light trail riding. We had a great conversation bout cross country riding and recumbent bikes. The guy I spoke with had an older recumbent bicycle.

To keep me from going crazy by just peddling my bike all day long and listening to – creak, creak, creak – I listen to podcasts throughout the day. I put one earplug in and keep the other one tuned in for traffic. Every time I stop for a break I charge up the iPod. Here’s what I listen to in no particular order:

Tony Campolo

Rob Bell – Mars Hill

Mark Nelson – Crossings

NPR: Fresh Air w/ Terry Gross

Dave Ramsey

Car Talk

BBC Documentaries

This American Life

NPR: Religion

NPR: Politics

ESPN: Best of Mike & Mike in the morning

ESPN: Football Today – The Audible

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Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed following your progress! I had no idea that Illinois was so hilly - though I suppose it's like Southern Indiana in that respsect.

Keep up the good work! God bless!