Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day 24, Independence Day

Day 24, Newton, KS – Hutchinson, KS 38 miles (1842 total)

Time on bike: 3:28:17

Avg: 12.8

Daily Ascent: 686 ft (18 ft/mi)

Max: 20.5 mph

Independence Day. Today is a national holiday. So, befitting the occasion, we took a holiday from biking. We decided that we wanted to spend July 4th in a city that was celebrating the occasion, so we biked a bit off the Transamerica Trail to Hutchinson, KS, population around 40,000 where we are camped at the state fairgrounds. It was a hot day with the temperatures hovering in the low 90s. We didn’t decide to break off our trip until we had biked some distance, in part because we couldn’t find any convenience stores or restaurants open in these little towns. Our decision was pretty much made for us. In the first 30 miles we had climbed just over 350 feet. Around 12 ft per mile. Quite a change from the 100+ ft per mile we were doing in Missouri. Man, I love Kansas!

Tonight we’ll get rested up, watch the fireworks and set off early tomorrow morning.

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